Megan Salmon

Megan Salmon

Megan Salmon

Megan Salmon is a designer with a fine art background who has been designing clothes for 20 years. She is particularly renowned for her expertise in creating original textiles and prints that give her range a unique and artistic feel. She has a wonderful understanding of women’s bodies and how to accentuate their best attributes. This ability to give confidence to women wearing her clothes has her customers treasuring her pieces for years.

She currently designs and produces two labels that are stocked extensively in Australia and NZ – Megan Salmon, her definitive signature label and Upstream by Megan Salmon which is a diffusion label offering affordable and wearable designer clothing.

Hyde park- spring summer 17/18

Hyde park hinges on an original print by Megan Salmon of white chrysanthemums. Time and time again Megan returns to a floral theme for her summer collections and this one focuses on a super large photographic digital print.  From here she adds to the collection with pieces that explore a more conceptual idea of the garden or park. There are shapes that feel oversized by their structure paired with small pieces that define the body.  Some pieces feel sculptural and some feel innately feminine with their hinting of lingerie. There is an easy bohemian feel to the way she has put these pieces together yet she has contrasted these with tailored and complex constructed jackets and coats. Her delight in botanical drawings and creatures from the garden gives her the impetus to create repetitive textures that emulate natural forms.  Could a woman be transformed through feathered sleeves of organza? Could branchlike formation be echoed in the seams of a dress?

These are questions Megan uses to her advantage in Hyde park.


INSTAGRAM: @megansalmondesign