Goblin Fruit

Goblin Fruit

Goblin Fruit

Simone Squires grew up in coastal North West WA, with endless summers, red dirt, white beaches, burning bitumen and when the only time a change in the weather meant that a cyclone was coming. For the rest year, the sun works on bleaching out all colours and creating wavering mirages on the horizon line. But life is transient - from a childhood in Exmouth to High School in Fremantle and then onto “city life”, studying at West Australian Academy of Performing Arts  (WAAPA).

Of course few WAAPA students actually stay in Perth and it was off to Sydney for the next 12 years. Where normal life came with a rock and roll spin and endless nights in dive bars with aspiring rock gods and goddesses. When the burlesque revival came to town, Simone was there, front and centre, designing and making costumes and wolf whistling them on. In 2006, the inspiration from the burlesque nights lead to the creation of her own lingerie label, “Kiss Me, Simone”.

Every Perthling who leaves will find they eventually long for home and this was no different for Simone. Having committed to work on her craft and perfect her skills, Simone enrolled and graduated in fashion at NMT (North Metropolitan TAFE) in 2016. This new offering is the product of all her hard work and dedication – a new clothing line called,  “Goblin Fruit”, named after the Christina Rossetti poem, “Goblin Market”, about the love shared between sisters.

Goblin Fruit Collection

So much of the Goblin Fruit collection is about Simone returning to Perth; the disquieting silence of suburbia, the dry heat that rolls off the tarmac to greet you, the half empty parking lots, the scream of cockatoos, sunburnt houses and suffering English rose gardens. The image of an oasis in the desert might be only skin-deep. You can only wonder what goes on behind closed doors? Wanna-be preteen princesses in candy coloured bedrooms trying on lip-gloss and glitter. Disenchanted mothers searching for new lovers between the covers of paperback romances. Flickering computer screens while the Internet usage surges between 7 and 10 - what are you looking for? All the while, industrial sprinklers go thwack, thwack, thwack into the night, spraying cool jets over deserted grasses.

Goblin Fruit endeavours to find the most ethical and sustainable ways to keep you dressed; limited edition collections are often made from re-cycled and vintage fabrics. All items are created ‘sweat-shop’ free, and where possible, can involve a sewing circle, with cups of tea and pom-pom making races.

Always following the mottos, “repair, re-use, recycle” and “buy only what you need”.


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