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Marina Afonina, the founder of the Australian label, Albus Lumen moved from St Petersburg to Sydney when she was 17. She began her career interning in the fashion cupboard of Harper’s Bazaar Australia and successfully pursued her career in fashion. Her designs focus on premium fabrications – silk, cotton, linen and suede all sourced In Australia. Her garments are unfussy and understated, each with a soft, out-of-office wearability.  Afonina describes her label as “very jet set. A bit bohemian, it’s European summer in the Seventies and takes a low-key approach to the skin baring and sexiness that the Australian market loves so much”. Latin for white light, it is not weighted down by trends, but grounded in the core elements, drawing strength from detailed minimalism. With a nod to the European summer, craftsmanship and relaxed style inform the Albus Lumen aesthetic. Simple shapes and classic modernity create subtle yet striking contrasts. Beautifully light, quietly confident, powerfully feminine.

Resort '18

Cast your mind to the European coast; long languid days, salty sea-breezes, clear blue skies. Village girls pick lemons in the grove, wearing linen, cotton and floaty silks. Elemental details - a raw edge, resin and mother-of-pearl - complement a natural colour palette. Earthy and etherial at once, Resort ‘18 is suspended in an idyllic summer’s day. 

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