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Addy Pasquale
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Adellen Pasquale is an emerging designer from Perth, Western Australia. Since completing Fashion and Design at Curtin University in 2016, her graduate collection ‘Lure’ has showcased both locally and internationally. Recently ‘Lure’ showcased at the iD Emerging Designers Awards held in Dunedin and China Graduate Fashion week held in Beijing.  Designs are inspired by story telling, colour and a vision to disrupt the norm. Collections often feature prints, hand worked details and embellishment.  


This collection was inspired by a weekend spent down south with friends, at a rodeo event held at the Beer Farm, in Margret River. Seeing real life cowboys and cowgirls in all their glory was fascinating! Their outfits were like something out of a storybook from the hand crafted leather boots, the oversized cowboy hats to the tassel leather chaps. Their outfits were one off pieces that allowed their fearless attitude to shine through. Almost everyone attending was dressed in their best rodeo inspired outfit it was truly a world of its own. That experience is the base inspiration behind this collection.

Materials include ethically soured leather and silk combined with traditional hand worked elements. Embroidery, embellishment and leather techniques that are used when constructing saddles, riding jackets, shirts and boots have all been used throughout the collection. Collaborating with local Perth artist Jack Kenworthy, on custom illustrations help to bring the story behind the garments to life.  Each piece explores the dualities of strength and vulnerability, of masculinity and femininity through materials, cuts and visual signifiers while challenging and paying homage to traditional handcrafts.

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