TPFF 2015 Alcohol Think Again Ambassadors

TPFF 2015 Alcohol Think Again Ambassadors

TPFF 2015 Alcohol Think Again Ambassadors

We are thrilled to announce that Olympian pole vaulter and model Liz Parnov will join Festival Director Mariella Harvey-Hanrahan as an Alcohol.Think Again ambassador for TPFF 2015.

The striking athlete and Vivien’s model is the perfect person to promote the fashionable responsible message; that responsible drinking is not only healthy, but also fashionable.

“We wanted a role model who could complement what we're doing but whose brand doesn’t just say fashion and Liz is the perfect person. It’s fusing sport, fashion, art, lifestyle and bridging the culture gap,” said Mariella.

Liz, who will be attending TPFF 2015 shows in her role as ambassador, is looking forward to joining TPFF in the promotion of the Alcohol.Think Again message and letting people know how they can reduce the harm of alcohol consumption.

“I am training hard for the Olympics in Rio – working on the skills I need for pole vaulting such as strength, power, speed and co-ordination. I tend to avoid drinking to help me concentrate on my training and fitness. When I jump well the outcome feels amazing!”

Our new partnership with Healthway, who is the Principal Venue Partner for Fashion Paramount and Fashion Central, provides the perfect platform to promote the fashionable responsible message to a large audience.

“Whether you are attending a runway event, a gallery, art centre or a sporting event – I think you should always stay at low risk of alcohol-related harm by having no more than two standard drinks on any day. I’m delighted we can use the Festival as a platform to increase awareness about the guidelines for low risk drinking,” said Mariella.

One of our main attractions at this year's Fashion Paramount venue will be the free Chill Out Lounge and Water Bar at Fashion Paramount presented by Alcohol.Think Again, hosted by one of WA's handsome up-and-coming male models. Make sure you come down, whether you're headed to a runway show or not, and join us for the most fashionable week Australia will see in 2015!

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