Campaign Behind the Scenes: Meet the Team

Campaign Behind the Scenes: Meet the Team

Campaign Behind the Scenes: Meet the Team

It was like the start of a horror movie: 13 people who barely know each other, in the middle of nowhere, staying in an old (possibly haunted) hotel for a weekend.

That was the beginning of the TPFF 2016 campaign. On the last weekend in May, our campaign team packed up and headed to New Norcia to shoot the TPFF 2016 campaign.

The team included photographer Cheyne Tillier-Daly, stylist Zara Bryson, model Lauren Brown from Vivien’s Model Management, producer Marcia Ball, hair stylist Melissa Gesualdo from Reno’s on St Quentin for L’Oréal Professionnel, makeup artist Bruce Lim for MAC Cosmetics, production assistant Michelle Berg, styling assistant Jessica Wang, photography assistant Gavin Carvahlo and campaign runner Anthony Princi.

Check out their highlights, lowlights and experience shooting the TPFF 2016 campaign at the gorgeous Cranmore Park.



What were three of your personal highlights?

Lauren: I got to explore a location I have never been to before. Being an animal lover, I loved working with the farm animals during the shoot, including horses and sheep.

Bruce: It was fascinating and educational to watch the different ways in which each team member engaged in their craft to manifest a common vision.

Michelle: The farm dogs! Also, seeing everyone embrace the location of Cranmore Farm; rugged up, in gumboots and a smile on their face despite it being 4am and just the beginning of a long day of shooting.

Gavin: Getting through all the shots successfully, everyone being happy with the results and the dinners.

Melissa: Working at the amazing Cranmore Farm. It’s such a historical and beautiful location and visually so inspiring for creatives. Feeling completely emerged in country farm life. I didn’t think I would enjoy wearing gumboots so much.



What were some of the biggest challenges you faced on the shoot?

Gavin: Getting used to waking up at 4am and wet shoes.

Marcia: Producing a shoot in rural WA where there is no reception (apart from Telstra) certainly had its challenges. On a shoot like that, it’s the simple things that are the most difficult; like feeding the crew warm meals on location in very cold conditions, and ensuring everyone’s safety and well being were my greatest concerns. That being said, I love a challenge and with the help of the team and the farm owners of Cranmore Park, the experience was amazing!

Melissa: Working on location can always be tricky for hair stylists. Working out in the elements can be hard at the best of times but when there is rain and moisture in the air it proves a little difficult to keep the frizz and unwanted curls away. Never the less lucky for me Cheyne had his portable power source so my waving wand worked a treat out in the middle of the paddock. 

Lauren: I’m not great with the cold and we had super early mornings, which were absolutely freezing! However the team kept me warm in between shots with dressing gowns, hot water bottles and heat packs.

Jessica: Probably trying to keep Lauren warm at all times!



What are some of your favourite parts about shooting a campaign outdoors?

Marcia: You can do so much more with location shoots than in the studio. We had incredible natural surrounds to work with, and Cranmore Park had endless iconic farming and Australiana backdrops to work with.

Bruce: I find makeup wears faster on an outdoor shoot so retouching becomes a perpetual process; you need to stay sharp throughout the 13 hour shifts. Berocca was a lifesaver!

Anthony: The quad bike (sorry for speeding Marcia xxx). Also just the setting of the entire property and the landscape was absolutely breathtaking and as good as the campaign will turnout I don’t think any photos could do justice what we were lucky enough to experience.

Michelle: Going from location to location on the quad bike was definitely a highlight (sorry for getting you in trouble Anthony!). I also think the isolation of Cranmore Park really helped the entire team bond – it was almost like saying goodbye to your family when it all wrapped!

Melissa: I love the inspiration and uncertainty it brings with it. When you’re in a rural or outdoor setting everything is original. Nature, sunlight, animals; all of these things are continually changing and moving which allows our creativity to do a similar thing. 



What are three words you’d use to describe TPFF 2016 campaign experience?

Lauren: Exciting. Organised. Lots-of-fun.

Melissa: Epic. Artistic. Farm-life.

Marcia: Frantic. Iconic. Friendship.

Jessica: Dynamic. Teamwork. Creative.

Bruce: Exhilarating. Surreal. Legit.

Gavin: Impressive. Refreshing. Interesting.

Anthony: Dead. Legit. Divine.


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